Arco Week 2 Dev Log

arco development

May 27, 2016

This week, while being week two of my Game Design Workshop course, marks the first week my team and I start production work on Arco. I have been enlisted as a programmer for the team and have been asked to work on the various systems needed for the game.

This week's Overview

This beginning week focused around determining what the game was going to be - sights, story, gameplay, etc. Concept stories were pitched, concept art and models were created, and work on a functional prototype was started in the Unreal Engine. We settled on concepts and put them down in a concept document for grading at the end of the week.

Personal Contributions

Most of my week was spent familiarizing myself with the Unreal Engine's affordances and quirks.This is the first time I've worked in it aside from some minor dabbling in the past, so I have a lot to learn in this aspect. I learned about UE4 particles, emitters, and built a simple player controller. None of this will be used in the game, but the practice was worth my time.

Once we set up our perforce repository for source control, I began work on a basic form of the gun for the character. So far it uses a raycast from the center of the player's camera outwards, based on the current forward vector. Right now it only spawns a simple particle effect, but I have begun planning out how to improve it in the future.

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