Arco Week 4 Dev Log

arco development

June 12, 2016

This week's Overview

This week for me was spent camping on a farm in Tennesee for Bonnaroo (pictured above). So unfortunately I didn't get much work done on Arco. Luckily much of the design of the game still needed to be ironed out (especially after recieving feedback from our prototype). This break helped mitigate work that I would have done being potentially cut because of redesigns, as was the case with the player's mobility options. I had spent a good amount of time implementing sliding, hopping, and sprinting mechanics, but they all were cut in favor of a "HyperState" move.

While it was unfortunate that my work on those mechanics was rendered obsolete, there is a silver lining. I'm a big believer in an iterative style of development. These mechanics wouldnt push us towards a better game, so its better in the end to cut them and go back to the drawing board. So in that aspect, I consider their failures as engaging mechanics, successes.

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