Arco Week 8 Dev Log

arco development

July 10, 2016

This Week's Overview

Just like last week, this week was spent working towards getting all the content prepared for alpha, though I could finally see things really coming together.

Personal Contributions

In addition to the normal tweaks and bug fixes I've been doing pretty consistently each week, this week I began development of the game's second boss. This boss takes the shape of a large tower that is covered by 8 spinning rings. By attacking through the gaps in the rings, the player can hit the boss and cause damage to it. Cause enough damage, and you destroy the bottom-most ring, and all the others shift down. The boss will then pull down a shield around it and spawn 4 minions that the player must destroy before the boss will lift the shield again. This cycle repeats until all the rings have been destroyed. When this happens, the boss is defeated.

Each ring has a different spin speed, amount of health, spin direction, and array of weapons. The ring's weapons are a mix between a turret that always aims towards the player(firing once every second), a laser that aims up and down the field, and a cannon that shoots a proximity bomb that will explode if the player gets too close.

I wont go into specifics into how each of these were developed (there's a lot going on in this boss fight), but using the experience I gained from helping to develop the other weapons in the game and general experimentation, I knew I had this in the bag.

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